Tetracaine lollipops: A tasty tool in oral pain treatment

Managing oral pain can be challenging, especially for kids. Medicated lollipops are a straightforward way to relieve pain and can be used to alleviate multiple ailments and sores.

Tetracaine lollipops give off a topical anesthetic to treat and prevent mouth or throat pain, particularly during or after oral procedures. They numb the area they come in contact with and can be used just like a regular lollipop. The medication dissolves in the saliva and kicks in quickly. The fast-acting topical analgesic can also alleviate the pain caused by oral lesions or canker sores and can be applied directly to the sore area in the mouth for relief.

For those who have difficulty swallowing pills, the lollipop is a more approachable method for pain relief. After a dreaded tonsillectomy, tetracaine lollipops offer a welcome reprieve during recovery without having to swallow a capsule. They are also used to ease the discomfort associated with gag reflex.

Compound Preferred offers easy to serve lollipops with resealable cases.  Our clients have seen great success in treating pain for younger patients. Children generally find them appealing, as they are sweet and have an orange flavor.

 One of clients recently reached out and said, “I just wanted to let you know that we have sent our first three lollipops out and the 3-year-old patient is using them like a champ. Thank you so much for helping us out. You rock.”

The lollipops are designed to use multiple times and come with a sealable cover for clean and easy storage between uses. Rob Myer, our Pharmacist in Charge, shows us how easy it is to use.