PharmEase Announces New Outsourcing Facility

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PharmEase LLC Acquires RAM Pharma and Creates New Company, Compound Preferred

Idaho Falls, ID (July 27, 2020) — PharmEase LLC announces the strategic acquisition of RAM Pharma, a 503B compounding outsourcing facility. The acquisition was finalized on July 23, 2020.

RAM Pharma will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of PharmEase LLC and will operate under a new name, Compound Preferred. The transaction strengthens PharmEase LLC’s market presence nationally and enhances existing relationships with providers, as well as a growing patient base. The Compound Preferred name is the result of combining the existing brands under one umbrella while reinforcing PharmEase’s core competency as a trusted leader in pharmacy.

“Having been in business for 20 years and with a deep understanding of the pharmacy industry, we feel this is the right time to strategically align our business to help more organizations of all sizes overcome the challenge of managing pharmacy needs while reducing their costs,”

Reece Christensen, CEO of PharmEase LLC

Compound Preferred, the new 503B outsourcing facility, complies with all cGMP standards including:

  • Processes designed to ensure that every formulation conforms to high standards for identity, strength, quality, and purity.
  • Full sterile gowning compliant with cGMP regulations.
  • Environmental monitoring of air, cleanroom surfaces, and personnel. 
  • Each batch of sterile products is tested prior to release: USP <71> compliant sterility testing and USP <85> compliant endotoxin.
  • Cleaning, sterilization, and process validation protocols.
  • Stability programs.

Since 2016, Rob Myers, the founder and former owner of RAM Pharma has driven the growth of RAM Pharma. He will continue with the new company, Compound Preferred, while serving as Chief Pharmacist.

“Through this strategic transaction, our combined company strength will establish a robust environment for our continued growth,”

Robert Myers

“RAM Pharma was a strong fit with PharmEase’s strategic focus to integrate and expand its compounding outsourcing services. This acquisition drives significant operating synergies and enables us to maximize and expand our market reach nationally,”


About PharmEase LLC

Established in 2001, PharmEase LLC is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho and is a leader in the pharmacy industry. PharmEase LLC is comprised of multiple companies including Heartland Long Term Care Pharmacy and Compound Preferred; and employs approximately 200 staff members with locations in Idaho, Colorado and Utah. For more information, go to