The Evolution of IV Vitamin Therapy and Compound Preferred

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Q&A with Cory Meyer, Chief Experience Officer with The PharmEase Group

Tell us how you ended up working at The PharmEase Group.

In 2016, I had the chance to take another athletics job, but the opportunity came up to work with The PharmEase Group, in Idaho Falls, with their external team. Making the switch to work for The PharmEase Group allowed me to move back to my hometown and spend time with my ailing mother. I was able to spend time with her during her final stages of life. So, after a 20-year stint in athletics marketing and outside my hometown, I was able to bring my kids and family home, which was a very valuable thing to me.

How is The PharmEase Group’s mission reflected in Heartland Pharmacy and Compound Preferred? 

We are family-focused internally and with our partners. We go above and beyond to ensure our partners receive the best experience because we truly care about our partners. While we may not be perfect, we quickly act to rectify situations when we find things aren’t up to par.

We try to keep things simple – if we make business cumbersome, that just creates more work for our partners to manage, and that isn’t solution-driven. Especially in this day and age, we want to reduce difficult tasks for staff, so they can enrich the experience for their clientele.

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What are some challenges in the world of esthetics and IV hydration right now? 

IV vitamin therapy is a game-changer, as I have reaped the benefits of adding it to my personal weekly health and wellness regimen. So many people are seeing the benefits of IV hydration, which is why it is growing so fast! It changes not even day by day, but second by second. More and more professionals are getting involved, and we see a crossover from the med spa industry into IV hydration and vice versa. The medical community is even becoming involved. IV vitamin therapy is expected to grow billions of dollars over the next several years, creating challenges such as quality control, supply availability, and less experienced operators and staff.

How is Compound Preferred able to assist in solving these challenges?

In short, we are providing great quality products like Vitamin B12 and Lipo-MIC and extending our licensing into more states to provide a broader footprint of service. We make FDA compliance a priority to ensure that while we are quickly growing, we continue to provide safe, quality products. We make every effort to be competitive in all aspects of costs including shipping and production. Moreso, we are unique in that we make communication and education a part of every transaction. We are more than just a vendor, but a resource to get questions answered for both established clinics and those just getting into IV hydration.

What do you wish people in esthetics and IV hydration knew?

We are extremely hands-on. Our external staff provides extensive support, and we have a very qualified internal staff. We have one of the top pharmacists in the country, highly qualified QA staff, and a team of account executives that provide premier service. We all believe in the value of the IV hydration and esthetics space. We want to extend our expertise to those who use us and even those who do not. We know the importance of offering quality products, valuable service, and knowledge to ensure that the industry, specifically IV hydration, maintains quality standards to provide excellent care to patients and clients.