Anesthetic Dental Products that Every Dental Office Needs

At Compound Preferred, we strive to create custom solutions that enhance every provider and patient experience. And for the competitive dental industry, we understand the answer for the best treatment is not always found over the counter or even at your local compounding pharmacy.

We create anesthetic compounded solutions with heightened-strength, delivered in single-dose formats or large batches to minimize waste and optimize the dental chair experience. These products are not commercially available and follow the stringent FDA-regulated cGMP standards (applicable sections of 21 CFR 210:211).

Compound Preferred creates specific anesthetic compounds for the dental community with fast-acting, long-lasting, and high-strength active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Profound Gel (35g)

Lidocaine 10%, Prilocaine 10%, Tetracaine 4%

Our most popular topical anesthetic offers heightened anesthesia effects by combining three active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is commonly used on patients for routine dental procedures, soft tissue and palatal procedures, pre-injection numbing, root planing, and most soft tissue laser procedures.

TAP Gel (35g)

Lidocaine 10%, Prilocaine 10%, Tetracaine 4%, Phenylephrine 2%

TAP Gel combines the triple anesthetic power of Profound Gel with the vasoconstriction of Phenylephrine. It is commonly used as an alternative to local anesthetic injectable solutions. It is also used in procedures such as gingivoplasty, implant exposures, laser procedures, and placement of orthodontic temporary anchorage devices (TADs).

Oral Rinse (100mL)

Dyclonine 1%, Lidocaine 1%

Patients use this easy-to-use oral anesthetic to numb gingival and palatal tissues with an easy one-minute mouth rinse. This oral rinse is fantastic for sensitive or anxious patients who need a small amount of anesthesia to promote comfort for regular dental cleanings.

As with all our manufactured goods, these products go through extensive testing to ensure they are safe and high-quality. Our testing includes potency testing, content uniformity, pH, microbial enumeration, and specific microbial organisms to provide the confidence in quality for which Compound Preferred is known.