503B Outsourcing Facility Myths and Facts

503B outsourcing facilities provide in- office-use medications to the medical community. Regulated by the FDA and state entities, 503B facilities are fairly new to the pharmaceutical world and establish a new level of custom, high-quality products. This means there are a lot of myths regarding the new designation. Ryan Ellis, Compound Preferred’s General Manager helped dispel some of those myths.

Myth: 503B outsourcing facilities are pharmacies; just like a pharmacy at Walmart or Walgreens.

Fact: Compound Preferred is a 503B outsourcing facility registered by the FDA.

Myth: Compound Preferred only provides products to medical offices in Idaho.

Fact: At Compound Preferred, we provide custom solutions to medical clinics, offices and organizations across the United States. Currently, we are licensed in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, and Georgia. Although, licensure in additional states is feasible.  

Myth: 503A compounding pharmacies and 503B outsourcing facilities are in competition with each other.

Fact: 503A compounding pharmacies are regulated by individual state standards and produce patient-specific products. 503B outsourcing facilities create products for in-office use, following robust FDA regulations and state laws.

Myth: 503B outsourcing facilities only offer high-priced specialty products.

Fact: 503B outsourcing facilities actually offer non-commercially available products that are customized for their clients’ needs, which include structured options, like aliquoting that allows for less waste and cost savings. Compound Preferred also offers special pricing for customers.

With 15 years of pharmacy experience, Ryan loves problem-solving and helping people. He is passionate about customer service and ensuring that Compound Preferred creates high-quality products. Ryan is dedicated to focusing on solutions that enhance every experience at Compound Preferred.