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We strive to instill confidence in Compound Preferred. Reach out to us with any questions. We are ready to provide you with customized solutions to fit your needs.

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We are currently in several states. Please contact us to learn more about your state.

Yes, we are registered with the FDA.

  • Our cleanroom is certified to ISO 14644. 
  • We follow cGMP (current good manufacturing practices).
  • 503B outsourcing facility per 21 USC 353b.
  • Compliant with applicable sections of 21 CFR 210:211.
  • We do internal sterility testing, Endotoxin testing, pH testing.

Idaho Falls, ID

Yes, you can order your products once you have an account with us. Start that process here. 

For more information on 503B registration requirements, click here.

Let us know how we can help.

We specialize in custom solutions, aliquoting and shortages. We are already helping many customers by providing custom-unit dosing options that previously haven’t been offered from other 503B facilities. These custom options have allowed our current clients to reduce medication waste and ultimately save money. 

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