Utilizing compounded topical anesthetic products improve onset, penetration and duration of local anesthesia, which inherently increases comfort, ease of use and positive patient experiences.

Profound Gel

Lidocaine 10%
Prilocaine 10%
Tetracaine 4%

TAP Dental Gel

Lidocaine 10%
Prilocaine 10%
Tetracaine 4%
Phenylephrine 2%

Tetracaine Lollipop

Tetracaine 5%

Dyclonine / Lidocaine Oral Rinse

Dyclonine 1%
Lidocaine 1%

At Compound Preferred, we provide topical anesthetics with the following advantages:

Competitive Prices

No Patient Prescriptions Required

Delivery Direct to You

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We specialize in custom solutions, aliquoting and shortages. We are already helping many customers by providing custom-unit dosing options that previously haven’t been offered from other 503B facilities. These custom options have allowed our current clients to reduce medication waste and ultimately save money.