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Our topical anesthetics package has 3 patient favorites including:

Profound Gel (35g)

Lidocaine 10%, Prilocaine 10%, Tetracaine 4%

Our most popular topical anesthetic, offers heightened anesthesia effects through combining three active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is commonly used on patients for everyday dental procedures, soft tissue and palatal procedures, pre-injection numbing, root planing and most soft tissue laser procedures.

TAP Gel (35g)

Lidocaine 10%, Prilocaine 10%, Tetracaine 4%, Phenylephrine 2%

TAP Gel combines the triple anesthetic power of Profound Gel with the vasoconstriction of Phenylephrine. It is commonly used as an alternative to local anesthetic injectable solutions. It is also used in procedures such as gingivoplasty, implant exposures, laser procedures, and placement of orthodontic temporary anchorage devices (TADs).

Oral Rinse (100mL)

Dyclonine 1%, Lidocaine 1%

This easy-to-use oral anesthetic is used by patients to numb gingival and palatal tissues with an easy one-minute mouth rinse. This oral rinse is fantastic for sensitive or anxious patients who need a small amount of anesthesia to promote comfortability for regular dental cleanings.

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